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Drinking water in Omaha comes from three major sources: the Missouri River, the Platte River, and the Dakota Sandstone Aquifer.  The Missouri and Platte Rivers are surface water sources, while the Dakota Sandstone Aquifer is a groundwater source.  These two different types of water sources each come with their own problems that affect the water that comes out of your tap. Since you, your family, and your home use this water throughout the house, it is important to be aware of the problems that can be troubling your drinking water.

Surface water is water that is originally sourced from rivers, lakes, and other water sources that are exposed to open air.  Since these sources are unprotected, they can absorb contaminants that aren’t typically good for consumption.  While these contaminants are organic, naturally-occurring materials, biomaterials and minerals, they’re not something that you want to be drinking on a regular basis.  Warmer weather helps to contribute to an increase in water sensitivity to microorganism growth and algal blooms. This means that you have to be extra careful with your water during those times.

Groundwater, on the other hand, is water that is serviced by underground wells or aquifers.  It has been known to cause different water problems than typically seen with surface water.  The most common symptom found in groundwater sources is hard water.  Hard water can be seen, smelled, and tasted throughout your home.  If you think you are experiencing hard water, look for white buildup around your plumbing features, rust-colored stains in your sinks and tubs, and bad tastes or smells in your drinking water.

While these two sources each have their own problems, Omaha’s water is sourced from a combination of surface and groundwater sources, so they experience symptoms commonly exhibited by both.  Culligan of Omaha can help make sure you can feel comfortable drinking your tap water again.  With over 80 years of water treatment experience and local employees, we have the knowledge to diagnose and fix the specific water problems that you are facing in your Omaha community.  Give us a call to have us come up with a customized water solution that will be perfect for your family. 

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